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An AN/TPS-80 Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar starts up at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Feb. 26. The AN/TPS-80 will replace the AN/TPS-63 and reduces set up time from eight hours to 30 minutes for the system. Marine Air Control Squadron 2 received the first G/ATOR issued to the Fleet Marine Force following testing to improve the squadron's readiness and expeditionary capabilities. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ethan Pumphret)


The Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) is a single materiel solution for the mobile Multi- Role Radar System and Ground Weapons Locating Radar (GWLR) requirements. It is a three dimensional, short/medium range multi-role radar designed to detect unmanned aerial systems, cruise missiles, air breathing targets, rockets, artillery, and mortars. G/ATOR is comprised of three major subsystems: the Radar Equipment Group (REG), Communications Equipment Group (CEG) and Power Equipment Group (PEG). The REG is an integrated radar and trailer combination towed behind a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR). The CEG is a communications and radar control systems transported in the armored M1152A1 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle. The PEG is a pallet assembly containing a tactical generator, cables and ancillary equipment transported on the bed of the MTVR.

G/ATOR is being developed and fielded in three blocks and will be employed by the MAGTF across the range of its capabilities. G/ATOR Block 1 (GB1) provides capabilities in the Short Range Air Defense and Air Surveillance mission areas; GWLR G/ATOR Block 2 provides the ground weapons locating capability for counterbattery and counter-fire missions and Expeditionary Airport Surveillance Radar G/ATOR Block 4 GB4 will address Air Traffic Control missions. G/ATOR Block 4 is not included in the Acquisition Program Baseline. Resourcing may be included in future budget builds. G/ATOR Block 3 was a series of enhancements that are incorporated into other blocks. The term Block 3 is no longer used.

Operational Impact

The MAGTF Commander will employ G/ATOR within the Air Combat Element (ACE) and the Ground Combat Element (GCE). Within the ACE, G/ATOR will provide enhanced situational awareness and additional capabilities to conduct short-medium range radar surveillance and air defense. Within the GCE G/ATOR will provide ground weapons locating capability for counterbattery and counter-fire missions. G/ATOR provides real-time radar measurement data to the Common Aviation Command and Control System, Composite Tracking Network, and Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System. This system can augment sea-based air defense sensors and C2 capabilities and provide naval and joint forces with an expeditionary radar and cruise missile detection capability that extends landward battle space coverage.

G/ATOR replaces five legacy radar systems providing a single materiel solution and augments the AN/TPS-59 long-range radar.

Program Status

Milestone B - August 2005
Milestone C - March 2014 GB1
Operational Assessment - October 2017
GB1 IOC - February 2018
GB2 Operational Assessment - May 2018
GB2 IOC - Sep 2018

Procurement Profile:
FY 2018 - QTY 3
FY 2019 - QTY 6


Northrop Grumman,
Linthicum MD