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U.S. Marines with, Black Sea Rotational Force (BSRF) 18.1, practice crowd control formations during a Non-Lethal Weapons course aboard Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, Romania, April 5, 2018. Marines with BSRF 18.1 train with non-lethal weapons to build proficiency across the spectrum of escalation of force. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Angel D. Travis)


The Escalation of Force-Mission Module (EoF-MM) consists of multi-functional, non-lethal systems in conjunction with force protection equipment housed in four quadruple containers. It comprises a set of capability modules designed to support Marines with clearing facilities, convoy security, crowd control, personnel detainment, entry control point/ vehicle checkpoint, establishing a perimeter, securing perimeter, urban patrolling, missions, and escalation of force training. The EoF-MM contains solutions designed to protect Marines, minimize friendly and civilian casualties, incapacitate targets without permanent injury, and curtail collateral damage to property and the environment.

The basic building block of the EoF-MM is the Equipment Set. Each Equipment Set consists of specific material and non-material solutions that, when used together, enable Marines to adequately and safely complete a select mission capability task. Two or more Equipment Sets combine to form a Capability Module that provides the equipment and supplies to perform a given task, such as establish and secure perimeters or conduct cordons.

Operational Impact

The EoF-MM is designed to deter and dissuade non-combatants in current and future missions where non-combatants may be near where operating forces face threats that intermingle with the civilian populace. Additionally, the enemy has shifted to asymmetric or irregular warfare not only to protect themselves, but to place those who support the United States in jeopardy. With this shift in warfare comes the challenge of identifying the enemy among civilians, reducing collateral damage, and ensuring the safety of non-combatants. The EoFMM will enable Marines to achieve this goal while maintaining a high level of force protection.

The EoF-MM provides the appropriate equipment to employ a variety of non-lethal tactics and conduct a range of non-lethal operations. The fielding of the EoF-MM to the operating forces is intended to augment and complement existing lethal capabilities.

Program Status

The EoF-MM reached full operational capability in the 1st quarter of fiscal year 2016 and is currently in the Operations and Support phase. Assessments and updates to equipment will occur as needed or when able. The Approved Acquisition Objective is 96 systems. Marine Corps Systems Command is currently coordinating with industry to find a suitable replacement of the NightHunter ONE Light from Xenomics. 

Developer/Manufacturer (Integrators):

Aardvark Tactical
La Verne, CA 91750