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The Expeditionary Forensics and Exploitation Capability (EFEC) provides tactical and operational level forensic technical exploitation capabilities required by Marine Corps forward deployed forces. This MCPC provides organic Marine Corps forensic capabilities that support the tactical commander with agile, ruggedized, and scalable expeditionary forensic capabilities that are compatible and fully integrated with joint, other Service, and interagency laboratories, yet also tailored to the unique operating requirements of the maritime domain. Maritime applications include the ability to support Marine Expeditionary Units and ruggedized construction for deployment of sensitive forensic testing and analysis equipment.

Operational Impact

EFEC Provides the MAGTF the ability to scientifically link individuals and networks to places, events, and activities ISO force protection, intelligence, targeting and law enforcement operations. This capability provides the MAGTF the ability to recognize, protect, collect, analyze, store and share items with forensic value; positively identify personnel and trace chemicals/elements; forensically exploit documents and electronic media; and scientifically link identities and networks to places, events, and activities. It is a critical enabler to force protection, CIED/AtN, intelligence, targeting and law enforcement operations.

Program Status

Increment 1 is an urgently fielded, and an entirely OCO funded requirement. During POM 19, RDT&E was provided for development of Increment 2, to meet CDD requirements and replace obsolete Inc 1 equipment and software capabilities. However, a POM 20 initiative is being pursued to obtain the required PMC and OMMC Sto procure and sustain Increment 2.

Requirements documentation for enduring capability in development.

- CONOPS signed November 2014

- DCR signed May 2015

- LOC dated Sep 2015

- Draft CDD in GO Staffing


The Lead Systems Integrator Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center – Atlantic provides software and hardware integration for COTS software/hardware for the EFEC