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The Marine Corps Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) Electronic Warfare (CREW) program provides Marines improved force protection with an effective electronic warfare capability to counter the threat posed by RCIEDs. The CREW systems are vehicle-mounted, and man-portable Electronic Countermeasure Systems designed to counter multiple RCIEDs types. The current and future RCIED threat response demands increased dynamic range across the frequency spectrum. CREW’s system performance includes interoperability and compatibility standards with other deployed vehicle and communication systems in the field.

Mounted CREW: Mounted CREW is installed onto vehicles as a Marine unit either prepares to deploy or as they enter the United States Central Command Area of Responsibility. The current system is the CVRJ(v)2. This system is paired with a Vehicle Integration Kit which is used to install the CVRJ(v)2 system in the desired mobile platform. The CVRJ’s capability is planned to be augmented in Fourth Quarter (Q) Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 (4QFY19) in order to increase its capability against emerging threats.

Dismounted CREW: The current Thor III system is a three backpack system used by foot mobile Marines. It is fielded to units as they prepare to deploy. The Modi II will replace the Thor III in 1QFY19. The Modi II is a one backpack system with significantly increased capability and employability, as compared to the Thor III, while reducing overall weight and footprint.

Operational Impact

CREW systems are fielded as Marines deploy into various theaters of operations. CREW systems help protect Marines from RCIED utilized by enemy units. Before entering a theater of operations the Marine unit is provided with a threat load, which is tailored to counter threats specific to that area of operations. These loads are reviewed and updated quarterly, or if requested by a specific unit.

Program Status

The currently fielded systems are in sustainment, with activities including quarterly Cyber Security patches and threat load updates. The dismounted Modi II will replace the Thor III starting in 1QFY19. The mounted system capability enhancements are planned to begin in 4QFY19.


Mounted System: CVRJ(v)2 is a Harris Product.

Dismounted System: Thor III and Modi II are both Sierra Nevada Corporation products.