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U.S. Marines with Tactical Air Operations Center (TAOC) Detachment, Marine Air Control Squadron 2, Marine Air Control Group 28, 2d Marine Aircraft Wing (FWD), stand in formation during a deactivation ceremony at Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Nov. 2, 2013. The TAOC ended their responsibilities as air control for Regional Command (Southwest). (Official Marine Corps Photo by Sgt. Demetrius L. Munnerlyn/Released)


The AN/TPS-59A(V)3 radar system is the Marine Corps’ only long-range, 3D, air-surveillance, theater ballistic missile (TBM)-capable radar. The AN/TPS- 59A(V)3 is a transportable, solid-state L-band radar that serves as the MAGTF’s principal air surveillance radar and is integrated into the AN/TSQ-263 Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) and the AN/MSQ-143(V)1 Composite Tracking Network (CTN).

Operational Impact

The AN/TPS-59A(V)3 radar system is optimized to detect and track air-breathing targets (ABT) and TBMs that constitute serious threats to MAGTF operations. The radar is employed by the Marine Air Control Squadron (MACS) during sustained operations ashore and is part of the joint theater air and missile defense architecture. The radar supports the MAGTF commander in anti-air warfare operations and control of aircraft and missiles to a distance of 300 nautical miles for ABTs and TBM surveillance to 400 nautical miles. The radar system is currently deployed in direct support of MAGTF operations.

Program Status

The AN/TPS-59A(V)3 radar system is in the operations and support phase. In order to maintain the radar to 2035, an incremental sustainment strategy of engineering change proposals and technical refresh efforts will address diminishing manufacturing sources, material shortages, and obsolescence issues. The Approved Acquisition Objective is 11 radar systems. Sustainment and modernization efforts continue through FY18/FY19.


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