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Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) provides over 35,000 Marine Maintainers (Mechanics and Technicians) throughout all elements of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) with the tools, test, and calibration equipment they require to conduct mission-critical maintenance on ground weapon systems. The Program Manager Supply and Maintenance Systems (PM SMS), PMM-151, provides professional grade tools (e.g. specialized electrical lineman’s pliers and 3,000 piece expeditionary shop sets with welders, presses, mills and lathes in twenty foot expandable containers) and automatic test systems (ATS) to test, diagnose, and assist in the maintenance of ground electronics, radio frequency, and a variety of electro-optics weapon system. PM SMS test equipment includes simple hand held multi-meters, room-sized dynamometers used to test 600HP engines and transmissions, as well as software intensive test programs. TMDE has over 67,000 tool kits, shop sets, test sets, and ATS fielded to Marine mechanics and technicians.

Operational Impact

Every day approximately 20% of the Marine Corps end strength in the ordnance, motor transport, engineer, electrical, communications, and avionics fields use TMDE to perform their mission-critical tasks of maintaining the Marine Corps’ warfighting capability. These Marines use TMDE to setup, operate, test, maintain, calibrate, and repair weapon systems used throughout the ground forces around the world whether deployed, afloat, or in garrison. TMDE supports the operational and maintenance efforts of nearly every weapons platform fielded to the ground Marine Corps.

Program Status

The Marine Corps takes advantage of the latest advances in technology our nation provides in a host of its weapon systems. These advances allow the Marine Corps to field and sustain weapons, electronic, and command and control systems with ever increasing lethality and capability. The TMDE used to test and repair these systems must keep pace with them. Much like computers, TMDE requires technical refreshes or configuration changes if it is to keep pace with the systems it supports and mitigate obsolescence.

In the near term TMDE is preparing to field new fuel pump and fuel injector test systems and ATS to test the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), Light Armored Vehicle (LAV), Saber, and the AN/PRC-117G radio system. In addition, there are numerous system upgrades to existing ATS occurring.

TMDE will continue testing several new expeditionary fluid analyzer systems in anticipation of fielding this capability by FY19. All of these systems will provide significant cost avoidance to weapon system lifecycle managers and the Operational Forces while at the same time enhancing organic maintenance as far forward as possible and improving readiness levels.

TMDE programs of record and sustainment efforts are heavily involved in developing new capabilities to the Operational Forces such as an expeditionary industrial grade 3D printing capability for machinists and test solutions for the latest cryptographic modernization communication systems. These systems equip mechanics and technicians across the Marine Corps with the latest TMDE to effectively test, diagnose, calibrate, and maintain the newest weapon systems fielded to the MAGTF.