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U.S. Marines with Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 38, Marine Air Control Group 38, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, carry a Base-X 305 shelter used to establish a tactical air direction center (TADC) at the helicopter outlying landing field on Camp Pendleton, California, during Exercise Dawn Blitz, Oct. 27, 2017. A TADC is a task-organized facility that can perform all or most of the Marine tactical air command tasks, such as coordinating the delivery of supplies, people or ordnance and synchronizing the actions of all Marine aviation assets in the area of operations. Dawn Blitz is a scenario-driven amphibious exercise conducted between Expeditionary Strike Group 3 and 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade, testing their ability to conduct amphibious operations in response to global crises and to project power ashore as part of a Navy-Marine Corps team. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Roderick Jacquote)


Family of Shelters and Shelter Equipment (FSSE) Family of Systems (FoS) consists of 15 TAMCNs with established AAOs and supporting equipment. Rigid Shelters are located at every major command and support Ground Electronics Maintenance. FSSE supports the Consolidated Storage Program’s (CSP) maintenance and replacement of Soft Wall Shelters for I MEF, III MEF, and MARFORRES IAW MCO 4400.201-V13. Family of Shelters and Shelter Equipment (FSSE) provides mission essential shelters for personnel, materiel, and maintenance efforts of critical ground electronics equipment/systems in response to the operational force demand for increased numbers of ground electronics systems enabling accurate, real time data for command and control.

Operational Impact

FSSE provides various expeditionary shelters (rigid and soft wall), heating and lighting systems for individual Marines, Personnel Quarters, Command Post, Electronics Maintenance Shelters, Combat Operations Centers, and Forward Operating Bases that directly support Marines in all combat environments. Additionally, FSSE provides camouflage net systems used to protect the Operating Forces against advanced multi-spectral (visual, infrared (IR), near IR (NVGs), radar) threats, ultimately reducing detection and observation.

Program Status

All shelters, camouflage netting, and heaters in this portfolio are in sustainment.


HDT Global,
Solon, Ohio

Eureka Expeditionary Systems,
Binghamton, NY