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The Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG) provides advanced individual training to Marine logisticians, provides collective training to logistics staffs, and executes directed training and education support functions, in order to train and educate well-rounded MAGTF logisticians, who are adaptive, critical thinkers and planners, able to integrate logistics in support of 21st Century expeditionary operations in order to enhance logistics integration in support of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF).

The Intermediate MAGTF Logistics Operations Course is intermediate-level training through which graduates are certified Expeditionary Logistic Instructors (ELIs). The target population is captains/ majors and gunnery sergeants through master gunnery sergeants assigned to a logistics operations billet. The course is billet enhancement training designed to prepare officers and SNCOs for assignment as Operations Officers or Operations Chiefs (NMOS 0477) within the LCE or other ground logistics units (e.g. MWSS units). Additionally, IMLOC will prepare students for assignment as Regimental/ MAG Level S-4s (and S-4 Chiefs) within the GCE/ACE and assignment as MEU S-4s (and S-4 Chiefs). The curriculum is focused on Training and Operations within the LCE at the battalion and regimental level. The course certifies ELIs in accordance with NAVMC 3500.27C (Logistics Training and Readiness Manual) on operations section garrison functions, Unit Readiness Planning (URP), development of Standing Operating Procedures (SOP), training and operational assessments/evaluations, Force Deployment Planning and Execution (FDP&E), support to MAGTF expeditionary operations, support to amphibious operations, support to Maritime Preposition Force (MPF) operations, integrating the functions of logistics with the other warfighting functions, logistics planning, Tactical Logistics Operations Centers (TLOC), and implementation of logistics plans and unit operational design.

Operational Impact

The design of IMLOC is very much in keeping with the Commandant’s FRAGO 01/2016: Advance to Contact, in that student operations officers and operations chiefs are given the opportunity to conduct “reps and sets” of their responsibilities in a simulated environment. By replicating the real world challenges students face in an operational unit, IMLOC provides training and education that directly enhances the “on the job” performance of operations officers and operations chiefs.

Program Status

MCLOG is a growing part of the MAGTF Training Systems Support (MTSS) contract and is following the same Mile Stones. Draft RFP to be released 2d Quarter FY18, Final RFP by end of 3d Quarter FY18 and contract award early 4th Quarter FY18.


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