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Master Sgt. Ryan Miller, project officer for Family of Water Systems at Marine Corps Systems Command, assembles the Lightweight Water Purification System with the new Enhanced Production Module. The EPM extends LWPS capabilities to an 80 percent increase in output and produces water faster for Marines. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Kaitlin Kelly)

The Lightweight Water Purification System (TAMCN B0071) is a self-contained, lightweight, highly transportable, modular, 135–225 Gallon per Hour (GPH) water purification system. The Lightweight Water Purification System is employed at the battalion and/or smaller unit level and purifies water from salt, brackish, and fresh water sources as well as NBC contaminated source water. The system is compatible with existing water storage and distribution equipment. It is employed and recovered from operational sites by two Marines and is operable by one Marine. It is High mobility Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) transportable, transportable inside a CH-46, CH-53, and MV-22. The Lightweight Water Purification System is also Helicopter sling load transportable.