Next Generation Logistics (NexLog) Capabilities

The future is bright and filled with potential game changing technologies and concepts for Marine Corps logistics. Emerging technologies provide great promise, and will give us the ability to offset enemy capabilities by resupplying faster, producing on-demand parts and outmaneuvering our enemies on the battlefield. Our NexLog capability development efforts are focused on three key thrust areas: 1) additive manufacturing, 2) smart logistics and 3) unmanned capabilities.

Through additive manufacturing, we will achieve a more flattened supply chain with 3D capability arrayed in key forward locations, ready to manufacture parts for emergent readiness requirements. Smart logistics will mark a fundamental change to military operations by connecting everything from shipping containers, vehicles, and engines. Further, it will enable the full exploitation of “sense and respond” logistics with the ability to more effectively track shipments, manage inventories, and monitor equipment status, enabling predictive vice reactive logistics. Our pursuit of unmanned capabilities is part of a more holistic approach to modernize our distribution networks to make them more intelligent and data driven.