Logistics Information Technology (Log IT) Portfolio Modernization

Our logistics IT portfolio today consists of multiple antiquated and stove-piped systems, which we must adapt into a competitive family of multi-purpose and integrated platforms with a spectrum of hosting options to enable hybrid logistics and strengthen command and control.

Our priority capability remains Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC), which we will continue to mature through R12 migration, full fielding across the enterprise, and continued partnership with Training and Education Command to ensure that our Marines are trained to employ and exploit it to its fullest potential. We are enhancing our supply and maintenance capabilities by creating wireless “zones” in supply and maintenance spaces and arming Marines with tablets and phones enabled with Log IT/C2 apps.

The end state of our logistics IT portfolio modernization effort is state-of-the-art logistics C2/ IT that is ready, resilient and fully supportive of 21st century Marine Corps operations.