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Lift and Distribution

Lift and Distribution implements a mix of subsurface, surface, and airborne platforms – manned and unmanned – to facilitate sustained logistics support to the MAGTF.

Sub-surface autonomous vehicles facilitate logistics planners coordinating and pre-staging priority supplies that can be remotely activated and brought to the surface for pick-up; maneuvered to the low water line for pick-up by the warfighter; or recovered by follow-on echelons at sea or on the beach. This lessens the load for the individual Marine.

Remotely activated sub-surface vehicles can be recovered at sea by ships/forces afloat, or recovered, re-loaded, re-inserted into the fight, and re-staged in anticipation of changing requirements or sent directly to the warfighter.

Unmanned Logistics Systems Air (ULS-A) vehicles reduce manned squadron airframes from having to conduct ship-to-shore logistics movements and can be utilized in the Air Tasking Order (ATO) for increased assault support of the main effort without losing logistics throughput. Small organic ULS-A capabilities extend logistical reach to enhance logistics responsiveness at the unit level.

MAGTF Lift and Distribution Operational View