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Readiness is the focal point of all of our efforts. Our focus encompasses two readiness time horizons:

Current Readiness (Force Management Focus)

  • Setting the conditions (primarily through policy, programming, and advocacy) to support and sustain our deployed and next to-deploy Marines and Sailors.
  • Advocating for logistics solutions (across “people, process and technology” domains) to increase and sustain readiness across the force.
  • Advocating for logistics solutions to increase and sustain OPLAN and War Reserve readiness.

Future Readiness (Force Development Focus)

  • Producing high-quality logisticians with the requisite skills that our ready force demands, and ensuring that they are provided to the fleet in the correct density and locations.
  • Advocating for logistics concepts and capabilities that increase the MAGTF’s readiness for 21st century warfighting.
  • Enhancing MAGTF and Naval Logistics Integration, as well as logistics integration with the broader Joint Force, to achieve greater interoperability and combat effectiveness.