Enterprise Ground Equipment Management (EGEM)

EGEM is designed to enable increased accountability and readiness. Through enterprise-level unity of effort and venues, EGEM links key service materiel management stakeholders. It leverages data and data analytics to drive improvements to ground equipment readiness and sustained audit readiness, thereby focusing on readiness, data accuracy, and stakeholder collaboration, EGEM informs the discussion and decisions on how the Marine Corps will achieve the right readiness, at the right cost, at the right time.

Collaboration is the catalyst for achieving EGEM’s objectives. It adapted the naval aviation community’s Naval Aviation Enterprise concept to enhance ground equipment readiness. Termed “Ground Equipment Enterprise,” the enterprise’s focus is on ground equipment crucial to combat operations, the most expensive equipment to maintain, or other causative factors impacting readiness. The EGEM construct allows the Marine Corps to effectively manage all ground equipment requirements in a timely fashion, maximize the use of limited resources and increase ground equipment readiness through data-driven decisions.