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GCSS-MC is the technology centerpiece for logistics modernization in the Marine Corps. GCSS-MC provides accurate, near real time integrated logistics information, enterprise-wide visibility of logistics data, and allows logistics planners and operators to make informed decisions about the logistics chain commensurate with the operational tempo. GCSSMC is built upon modern, commercial-off-the-shelf Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software from Oracle Corporation, called the E-Business Suite. The software is web-based and resides on servers centrally hosted in a Marine Corps datacenter. GCSS-MC is accessed from a laptop or desktop computer through the Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET). GCSS-MC Increment 1 provided the initial set of logistics capabilities for the Marine Corps delivering integrated supply, maintenance, finance, and service management (request management and order management) functionality. Increment 1 replaced five legacy logistics systems used at the Marine Corps’ unit to depot levels. GCSS-MC has on average 25,000 named users and is operated worldwide in both garrison and deployed environments.

Operational Impact

GCSS-MC provides a modern and integrated information technology solution for the Marine Corps logistics community providing the right logistics data, at the right time, and right place. The benefits of GCSS-MC to the Marine Forces and the Supporting Establishment include visible, trusted, understandable, accessible, and responsive data and information for logistics chain planning, execution, and decision-making; increased effectiveness and efficacy of equipment problem identification and resolution; total operating costs recognition for ground weapon systems, equipment, and material; maximized equipment operational availability; and ensured unity of effort on lifecycle management decisions and actions.

Program Status

GCSS-MC achieved Full Deployment in December 2015 transitioning it from a program under acquisition oversight to a program in sustainment. The focus of future GCSS-MC functions will be enhancing capabilities in the areas of warehousing, improved performance of GCSS-MC on shipboard and ashore tactical networks, and the introduction of slim applications that allow users to access GCSSMC functions and data through mobile devices.


Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, CA