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The FFME is the sole organic medical (Class VIII) capability for the U.S. Marine Corp. This program is comprised of 29 medical capability sets that provide the full spectrum of health services on the battlefield. These capability sets are known as Authorized Medical Allowance List (AMAL), Authorized Dental Allowance List (ADAL), and individual Warfighter Medical Kits. The sets provide: trauma care on the battlefield; casualty evacuation from the battlefield; identification and treatment for exposure to nuclear and biological agents; disease prevention; treatment for the sick that have succumbed to disease vectors; and treatment for injuries from exposure to extreme environmental conditions. The program’s objective is to plan for replacements and upgrades (modernization) to AMALs, ADALs, and individual Warfighter Medical Kits that address obsolescence, sustainability and maintainability issues, and reduce logistics footprint (e.g., size, weight, and power) in order to provide the most effective medical care for our Marines and Sailors performing any mission. In addition, the FFME is our Corps’ Enterprise Manager for all Class VIII materiel and equipment and as such, provides “cradle-to- grave” management for Class VIII materiel and equipment supplied to Marine forces worldwide.

Operational Impact

The type of health service capabilities provided by the FFME in support of MAGTF includes forward resuscitative care, shock trauma care, and first-responder capability sets that provide life-saving care as far forward on the battlefield as possible. In addition, the FFME also includes preventive medicine capability sets designed to prevent the spread of disease. Loss of any of these capabilities would adversely affect healthcare management throughout our Corps and potentially result in the loss of life. Each AMAL, ADAL, and medical kit is modeled by the NHRC, verified by subject matter experts, and stocked to reflect current medical treatment protocols. Planned enhancements to FFME capability sets will improve the quality of health care provided to the warfighter. One enhanced capability includes the improved Field Anesthesia Unit. Other efforts include research studies to determine the effects of patient transport vibration on critically wounded patients, the effectiveness of wireless patient health communications, expeditionary portable oxygen generator, noninvasive intracranial pressure monitoring system, patient active warming system, expeditionary medical refrigeration unit, intranasal cooling for encephalopathy prevention, portable ruggedized energy efficient medical sterilizer, along with AMAL, ADAL, and medical kit modernization studies focused on lightening the load and improving energy efficiency.

Program Status

The overarching AMALs, ADAL and individual Warfighter Medical Kits are in sustainment with each of the 29 medical capability sets periodically scheduled for quadrennial modernization reviews. However, the FFME has one established medical equipment procurement of the improved Field Anesthesia System.

The improved Field Anesthesia System will enhance the forward resuscitative care and is currently in the Production and Deployment phase. Fielding is planned to commence in early FY19.


Multiple major medical equipment manufacturers in both the United States and in Canada.