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The Electronic Maintenance Support System (EMSS) is a key Marine Corps maintenance aid designed to enhance combat service support to Marine Air- Ground Task Forces (MAGTF) while deployed or in garrison. EMSS consists of an electronic maintenance device (EMD) and accessories. The EMD consists of a rugged, lightweight, one-person portable maintenance device that the maintainer can employ at the point of repair to interface with the weapon platform undergoing repair, view technical data, and document maintenance actions.

The EMD is capable of supporting multiple platforms and systems across ground maintenance communities to include the 11XX, 13XX, 21XX, 28XX, and 35XX maintainers. EMSS provides a means to view maintenance data collected from the weapon system tested, hosts maintenance applications, and provides easy access to authoritative technical data. EMSS operates in both a connected or disconnected configurations with the unclassified Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) depending on the software version installed and information technology (IT) infrastructure available.

Operational Impact:

EMSS provides ground maintenance personnel with an electronic troubleshooting support tool capable of wired or wireless connectivity depending on the IT infrastructure available and access to web-based applications and technical data via Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC), technical manuals (TM), computer-based training (CBT), job performance aids (JPA), forms, and files. The EMSS reduces no-evidence of failures, lowers cost of maintenance, eliminates the need for paper publications, and assists the maintainer in becoming more effective and efficient by providing electronic information and enabling sustained performance and readiness of Marine Corps ground weapon systems anywhere on the battlefield.

Program Milestone Status:

EMSS Block I is in the Operations and Support (O&S) Phase. A new EMSS Acquisition Category (ACAT) IV program of record was established in FY2017 to complete a technology refresh of the fielded legacy EMSS as well as grow the quantity of fielded systems from approximately 2,500 to 10,000. Milestone C is planned for 2QFY2018. The program is managed by Program Manager Supply and Maintenance Systems (PM SMS), PMM- 151. PM SMS is collaborating with the Army’s Product Director Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE) with its upcoming Maintenance Support Device (MSD) Version 4 contract vehicle to procure additional EMSS between FY2019-2022. By partnering together, the two services should realize cost savings with larger economies of scale. The Marine Corps’ EMSS will continue to have unique software requirements from the Army’s MSD. Additional EMSS will be connected to the MCEN via wired and wireless means as the IT infrastructure becomes available.

Program Procurement:

Initial Operational Capability (IOC) was achieved for EMSS Block I in FY2010 when 200 systems were fielded to the Operational Forces. Full Operational Capability (FOC) was achieved for EMSS Block I in FY2011 when 2,000 systems were fielded across the Operational Forces, Supporting Establishment, and Marine Forces Reserve. IOC for the new program of record is planned for FY2021 when 100 technology refresh systems are fielded to each of the three active duty Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF). FOC for the new program of record is planned for FY2023 when approximately 5,000 systems are fielded across the Operational Forces, Supporting Establishment, and Marine Forces Reserve. The exact FOC quantity is currently in draft pending approval of the Acquisition Program Baseline (APB), and the FOC quantity will be defined by how many systems are projected to be procured through FY2022 based on OSD-19 financial controls.