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Lance Cpl. Julio C. Cruceta-Reyes, a food service specialist with Logistics Combat Element, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force - Southern Command, prepares food to be cooked in a Tray Ration Heating System during General Exercise 1 training aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, April 11, 2017. The LCE Marines with SPMAGTF-SC practiced preparing evening rations in the field to train for their upcoming deployment to Central America. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Melanie Kilcline)


The Family of Combat Field Feeding Systems (FCFFS) is a family of systems to support all levels of feeding, from platoon size to MAGTF operations in all operational environments. CFFS is subdivided into three (3) categories: Food & Beverage Containers, Tray Ration Heating System (TRHS), and the Field Food Service System (FFSS). The purpose of the Field Feeding Equipment Program is to procure equipment items that will enhance or replace the USMC inventory in support of training and real world operations.

Operational Impact

The Family of Combat Field Feeding Systems is vital in support of maneuver elements throughout the MAGTF Theater of operations. The CFFS will provide the capability to support the assault echelons of the MAGTF with two hot meals a day. Deployed forces will subsist on a mix of rations; MRE’s, B-Rations, and A-Rations. All feeding systems will be employed simultaneously supporting designated percentage of the deployed force.

Program Status

Enhanced Tray Ration Heating System Sink, IOC in FY18 All other field feeding systems in this portfolio are in sustainment.


Outdoor Venture Corporation,
Stearns, KY

Babington Technologies, Inc,
Rocky Mount, NC

Seabox, Inc,
East Riverton, NJ