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U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Nicholas P. Ryken, left, and Lance Cpl. Kinyon P. Quentin, aviation mechanics assigned to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron (MALS) 29, organize a tap and die tool set aboard Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., Oct 18, 2016. MALS-29’s mission is to provide aviation logistics support, guidance, planning, and direction to other squadrons within the Marine Aircraft Group, as well as logistics support for Navy funded equipment in the supporting Marine Wing Support Squadron, Marine Air Control Group, and Marine Aircraft Wing/Mobile Calibration Complex. (Marine Corps Photo by Lance Cpl. Anthony J. Brosilow/Released)

Marine aviation logistics provides organizational and intermediate levels of aviation maintenance, supply, ordnance, and avionics in support of the ACE as a key component of the MAGTF. In order to remain relevant in the modern, dynamic operating environment, initiatives and improvements are being pursued at both the organizational and intermediate levels of aviation logistics (AVLOG). Marine AVLOG is transforming both maintenance and supply paradigms to enable more responsive, flexible, and reliable combat support for future conflicts, while simultaneously pursuing today’s readiness goals.

A healthy and effective maintenance base is our center of gravity, and serves as the first step‐toward well-maintained aircraft. The ultimate goal of the AVLOG community is to produce healthy aircraft, which provide a foundation for sustainable combat readiness. We are only able to generate and sustain healthy aircraft by building a healthy and effective maintenance base. Balanced operations and maintenance planning ensures healthy aircraft are viewed as both a maintenance and operations goal.

In support of a healthy and effective maintenance base Marine aviation units at all levels are investing in four major lines of effort: training and education, equipping the maintainer, innovative technology, and right-sizing our squadrons.

MAWTS-1 in conjunction with HQMC implemented new courses and improved the continuum of education for AVLOG officers, SNCOS, and enlisted Marines. HQMC along with NAVAIR are modernizing our maintainers’ equipment with a goal to outfit a “next-generation” maintainer. HQMC Aviation and HQMC Installations and Logistics, along with fleet units, are actively pursuing cutting edge technology to enhance AVLOG capabilities, including 3D printing, additive manufacturing, wireless connectivity on the flight-line, and augmented/virtual reality maintenance tools. Marine aviation is right-sizing tactical squadrons in people, equipment, and capabilities.

Retail Supply Chain Modernization: Headquarters Marine Corps Aviation is working closely with FMF units to dramatically redesign the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron (MALS) Aviation Supply Department (ASD) and the interaction the MALS (retail level) has with the wholesale supply chain. The current ASD has remained largely unchanged since its inception in the late 1980s. Technological advancements, logistics delivery improvements, and manpower demands make updating the legacy model an imperative. To that end, many redundant retail level functions within the Supply Department are being consolidated, realigned, and modernized. Wholesale functions are being moved up a level to the MAWs, and aviation supply Marines are being placed in strategic nodes in the external supply chain. All of these efforts will optimize and modernize the Supply Departments and are intended to reduce the potential for supply to negatively impact readiness.