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The current EAF hard-wire lighting system utilizes 1960-era technology, is maintenance intensive, and consistently encounters logistical challenges due to parts obsolescence. The following engineer change proposals are planned for the current system: 

  • ECP-1 LED MALSR Approach Light System Mission enhancement (CAT-1 IFR) by replacing Legacy Approach & Strobe Light system.
  • ECP-2 High-Temp VTOL-Taxiway Lights Fields more energy-efficient and durable VTOL & Taxiway capability Eliminates Legacy Taxiway Edge Light, 4kW CCR and 45W Transformer.
  • ECP-3 Power and Control Infrastructure Replaces Legacy 15kW CCR and Power Distribution System Fields new, integrated Remote Control capability.
  • ECP-4 Modified COTS PAPI Fields new PAPI capability.
  • ECP-5 LED Runway Edge and Threshold Lights Replaces Legacy Runway Threshold, Edge and Flush-deck Lights
  • ECP-6 Fields new ODALS, wind cones and signage capabilities.

Operational Impact

The upgrade will provide mandatory runway lighting required for Category I, precision Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approaches. This will serve to effectively integrate Air Traffic Control (ATC) and EAF capabilities to provide a safer operational environment in degraded or reduced visibility landing environments.    

Program Status

Under review and transitioning from sustainment lighting system to expeditionary airfield lighting upgrade.

Developer/Manufacturer: To be determined