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The LVSR replaced the Marine Corps LVS heavy tactical wheeled vehicle. The LVSR cargo variant transports several cargoes: bulk liquids (fuel and water); ammunition; standardized containers; bulk, break-bulk, palletized cargo and bridging equipment. The LVSR has wrecker and tractor variants employed throughout the MAGTF. The vehicle base design includes factory-installed armor and is designed to accept an add-on armor kit for increased crew protection.

The all-wheel-drive vehicle is equipped with an independent suspension system for superior off road mobility in the most severe environments. The LVSR features an on-road payload capacity of 22.5 tons and an off-road capacity of 16.5 tons. Maneuverability is increased by four-axle steering capabilities. The LVSR is equipped with an advanced electronics system for in-cab diagnostics of critical systems. The LVSR has a 600-horsepower C15 engine and uses a single source lubrication system for easier maintenance. The LVSR is capable of operating over increased distances with greater payloads to meet the demands of expeditionary maneuver warfare. The LVSR includes a self-loading/unloading capability to reduce dependence on external material handling equipment and to transport supplies, equipment and logistics into remote areas in which Marines routinely operate. Add-on armor can be applied in the field by maintenance activities. The LVSR achieved IOC in September 2009. The full acquisition objective has been obtained. The LVSR program declared full operational capability in July 2014.

Operational Impact

To successfully accomplish their mission, MAGTFs require a heavy ground logistics distribution system that is highly mobile, efficient, reliable, and flexible. This system must be capable of operating over increased distances with increased payloads. The LVSR will rapidly distribute all classes of supply, while including a self-loading and unloading capability. The LVSR addresses one of the most significant Marine Corps challenges in Afghanistan, that of getting supplies, equipment, and logistics into the remote areas in which Marines routinely operate.

Program Status

Program is in lifecycle sustainment.



Oshkosh Defense Corporation,
Oshkosh, Wisconsin