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The Tactical Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Collection System (TSCS) Family of Systems (FoS) is a modular, semi-automated, multi-platform transportable and man packable system capable of conducting signals intercept, collection, exploitation, direction finding, and precision geo-location against threat communications.

Operational Impact

The TSCS FoS is combines and replaces the Team Portable Collection System Multi- Platform Capable and the Radio Reconnaissance Equipment Program. TSCS is employed by SIGINT Support Teams, Radio Reconnaissance Teams, and Light Armored Vehicle- Electronic Warfare Teams, and provides a semi-automated, scalable and modular, team transportable SIGINT collection capability supporting the MAGTF and Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). TSCS comprises body worn, man-packable, vehicle mounted, and fixed site capabilities across the FoS. TSCS is the sole SIGINT collection program of record in the Marine Corps. In order for the TSCS FoS to maintain its relevance and technical superiority, the program must continue to develop hardware and software solutions to emerging Signals of Interest.

Program Status

TSCS was designated an ACAT IV (M) in September 2017, and anticipates entering the acquisition lifecycle in the Engineering Manufacturing and Development Phase.

Milestone C and Increment I Procurement Decision is planned for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 (FY19). Initial Operational Capability is planned for FY20, upon completion of Increment I Fielding to the Radio Battalions and MARSOC.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018 - QTY 0
FY 2019 - QTY 196


Lead Systems Integrator:

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Atlantic,
Charleston, SC