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The Tactical Remote Sensor Systems (TRSS) program provides a ground surveillance capability for continuous, unattended, remote, all-weather detection, location determination, and monitoring of enemy activity. Current detection methods include seismic, acoustic, magnetic, and imaging (thermal and electro-optical).

Operational Impact

TRSS provides the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) with its only organic unattended ground sensor capability. TRSS is deployed and operated by Ground Sensor Platoons in support of the MAGTF Commander’s intelligence collection effort. TRSS operates autonomously to provide continuous, unattended surveillance of distant areas of the battlespace in places too dangerous to place Marines and/or not tactically practical to deploy other surveillance systems.

Program Status

TRSS is an Abbreviated Acquisition Program currently in the production and deployment phase of the acquisition process. Laptop Initial Operational Capability and Full Operational Capability will be complete no later than March 2019.

Procurement Profile:

ITEM  FY18  FY19 
 Laptop Computers  158  0
 SDR-II Upgrade  0  77
 HHPM-II  10  0



Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic (SSC Atlantic), Charleston, SC

L3 Communications – Communications Systems, Camden, New Jersey