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Technical Control and Analysis Center (TCAC) provides semi-automated processing, analysis, and reporting functions of the Radio Battalion in order to fulfill its mission of providing timely, accurate Signal Intelligence and Electronic Warfare support to the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Combat Operations Center. TCAC is the focal point of Radio Battalion Signals Intelligence operations within the Operations Control and Analysis Center and Operations Control Element. TCAC directs and manages the technical and operational functions of other Radio Battalion Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare assets (Team Portable Collection System, Light Armored Vehicle- Electronic Warfare, Radio Reconnaissance Equipment Program, and Communications Emitter Sensing and Attack System) and provides communications connectivity for data exchange with these systems, Distributed Common Ground/Surface System-Marine Corps, the Intelligence Analysis System, and National databases. TCAC provides ground processing of Electronic Warfare information, including Electronic Support and Electronic Attack data and is capable of correlating, fusing, and evaluating radar emitter identification and location data.

Operational Impact

The TCAC Family of Systems provides operational and technical control of all MAGTF Signals Intelligence operations. It provides collection management and analytic support to develop relevant intelligence products that directly support tactical commanders within the varying levels of MAGTF operations. In the coming year, the Cross Domain Solution (CDS) will provide a new ability to transfer data from NSAnet to Genser networks at the disconnected, tactical level. This will allow for Signals Intelligence, whether for Indications and Warning or formal reporting, to be disseminated more quickly throughout the MAGTF.

Program Status

The overall TCAC Family of Systems is currently in sustainment, and provides regular refreshes. The 4.6 Remote Analysis Workstation refresh entered ace components. The refresh program is planned for (IOC) during Fourth Quarter (Q) Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 (4QFY17), and will be Full Operational Capability (FOC) 2QFY18. The 4.7 Transportable Workstation refresh and CDS fielding will enter IOC 4QFY18, and will be FOC at 2QFY19.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018 - QTY 406
FY 2019 - QTY 466


SPAWAR Atlantic,
Charleston, SC

SPAWAR Pacific,
San Diego, SC