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RVVT is an intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance asset that allows Marine users to view, store and exploit video and metadata from airborne targeting pods and multiple unmanned aircraft systems. RVVT replaced previous generations of remote viewing terminals which were fielded through the Urgent Universal Need Statement (UUNS) process. Current materiel solutions include the Video Scout Mobile Configuration 2 (VS-MC/2) and the Man-Portable Video Data Link (MPVDL).

Operational Impact

RVVT provides Marine Joint Tactical Air Controllers (JTAC), Joint Fires Observers (JFO) observers/ controllers and intelligence personnel with a more complete view of the battlefield by providing the ability to view, record and manipulate full motion video (FMV) from targeting and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance assets, including Department of Defense assets operating in theater and organic Marine Corps unmanned aircraft systems and targeting systems in the Marine Air Ground Task Force’s area of responsibility. RVVT is critical to the combined arms force by enabling dynamic and deliberate targeting, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing rapid and precise integration of fires and maneuver against adversaries.

Program Status

The current RVVT materiel solution is fully fielded. The next generation RVVT materiel solution has been identified as the Hand Held Video Downlink (HH-VDL). The HH-VDL is fully funded and will achieve Initial Operational Capability in 2020, and Full Operational Capability in 2021.

Procurement Profile:

ITEM  FY18  FY19 
 VS-MC/2 (Legacy)  595  0
 MPVDL (Legacy)  375  0
 HH-VDL  0  600


To be determined, currently in source selection