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MCIA’s OSINT Team is responsible for developing policy, identifying and promulgating tradecraft, designing training, and testing technology best practices for the Marine Corps ISR Enterprise (MCISRE). MCIA all-source analysts incorporate OSINT into their intelligence activities and the OSINT Team often responds to requests for difficult or sensitive OSINT collection. The OSINT Team expands and professionalizes OSINT capabilities of other units across the MCISRE. MCIA’s OSINT Team integrates with the Intelligence Community and Defense Intelligence Enterprise, participating in key OSINT committees and working groups to represent Marine Corps interests and perspectives.

Operational Impact

MCIA’s OSINT Team manages the MCISRE OSINT Community of Practice (CoP) which is engaged across the fleet Marine forces. Through the CoP, the OSINT Team shares the latest information on operations, collection plans, requirements, tradecraft, and toolsets. This helps the MAGTF Intelligence Centers (MICs), Intel Bns and other participants take advantage of current opportunities and better understand and leverage the information environment. MCIA OSINT provides nationally certified OSINT training and also certifies OSINT instructors, enhancing OSINT capabilities in garrison and among forward-deployed MEUs and SPMAGTFs. During FY17, MCIA also provided a data analyst to the I MIC Social Media Analysis Cell (SMAC) to help improve their use of available tools, and create new ways to visualize results. MCIA will also begin providing contracted OSINT analysts to each MIC in FY18. This will significantly advance the capability of each MIC to access and leverage publicly available information (PAI) and use new data sources to meet OSINT requirements. These benefits will also be shared across the Intel Bns and deployed forces through the professionalization and federation of OSINT activities across the MCISRE.

Program Status

MCIA has conducted OSINT activities since 2008. FY18 OSINT base funding is depicted in the table below. These funds will provide additional OSINT analyst support to the Marine Corps, and provide data science capabilities for research into how to meet future requirements.