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The AN/UMQ-4 (V)4 NITES-Fielded is a mobile and tactical Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) system, which operates connected to shipboard and shore networks to collect, fuse, analyze, and disseminate METOC information in support of MAGTF operations. NITES-Fielded is employed by METOC Support Teams (MST) throughout the MAGTF in order to provide critical METOC information to operating forces conducting mission that are commonly in remote locations and harsh environments. NITES-Fielded is portable, lightweight, rugged, and scalable, allowing mission requirements, network availability, and embarkation space to dictate how best to employ the system.

NITES-Fielded consists of a processing suite, a standalone sensor suite, and a Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) Inmarsat suite. The processing suite includes three laptops loaded with METOC software and Tactical Decision Aids (TDA), which allows the METOC analyst to produce timely and relevant information in support of mission planning and MAGTF operations. The processing suite is completed with associated peripherals to include presentation, printing and GPS location capabilities. The sensor suite consists of an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS), which provides the METOC analyst with on-site meteorological data and observations that is critical to maintaining battlespace awareness for the MAGTF in austere locations. The BGAN suite provides for short-duration data communications when network connectivity for continuous data ingestion is not available.

Operational Impact

NITES-Fielded enables the Marine METOC analyst to effectively turn relevant METOC data into actionable knowledge for the Commander’s decision making, mission planning, and during MAGTF operations. NITES-Fielded accomplishes this by using METOC software, TDAs, and on-site atmospheric sensing to accurately characterize and exploit the current and forecast METOC environment with actionable information at the horizontal, vertical, and time resolutions.

Program Status

NITES-Fielded is an ACAT IV program currently fielded and in Sustainment. End of life (EOL) for this program was originally anticipated in FY22 with the successful fielding of the NITES-Next software solution. Prioritization of requirements within NITESNext have resulted in the execution of a NITES-Fielded Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) aimed at carrying the POR out until FY25 and possibly beyond. The SLEP has been funded utilizing money from the NITES-Next funding profile. The system is a Navy Program of Record, and the Oceanographer of the Navy is the resource sponsor (non-BISOG).


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