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The Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Secondary Imagery Dissemination System (MSIDS) provides organic tactical digital imagery collection, transmission, and receiving to the MAGTF Commander for mission planning and intelligence collection. The MSIDS provides a ground view perspective and puts an imagery collection asset at the disposal of the local commander. The MSIDS Family of Systems (FoS) meets three different mission profiles. The first mission profile provides the MAGTF the capability to take digital imagery of named areas of interest from forward positions and transmit them via organic field radios to tactical and theater command and control facilities in near real time. The second mission profile provides all MAGTF intelligence sections, artillery, tank, civil affairs, Combat Engineer Battalions, logistics units and other various units the ability to take pictures and video for Battle Damage Assessment, Force Protection or intelligence gathering. The third mission profile is to edit, manipulate, annotate, and brief collected imagery, and to disseminate imagery and intelligence products to adjacent or higher units.

Operational Impact

MSIDS provides a self-contained, hand-held, ground-perspective imagery capability to MAGTF units and is essential in intelligence collection, mission planning, battle damage assessments and force protection. Comprised of Commercial Off-the- Shelf components, the FoS enables Marines at all echelons of the MAGTF to capture, manipulate, annotate, transmit, or receive imagery and video in near real time, internally with subordinate commands that are widely separated throughout the area of operations and externally with higher adjacent commands. The MSIDS Video Exploitation Workstation provides software that enables operators to edit and annotate video and still imagery and brief intelligence products.

Program Status

The MSIDS Technical Refresh program was designated an Abbreviated Acquisition Program in January 2017 for the upgrade and replacement of computing and communications interface components. The refresh program is planned for Initial Operational Capability in Fourth Quarter (Q) Fiscal Year (FY) 18 (4QFY18); with Full Operational Capability planned for 4QFY20. Starting in FY19, the MSIDS will be consolidated with other terrestrial collection programs for Marine Corps programming, which is intended to provide a tactical ground sensor capability FoS to facilitate near- real time Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance sensing within the Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise to MAGTF decision-makers and users.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018 - QTY 0
FY 2019 - QTY 676


Canon U.S.A., Inc., Lake Success, NY;

Harris Communications Corp, Rochester, NY;

Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA;

Getac USA, Irvine, CA;

FLIR Systems, Wilsonville, OR;

Microsoft Corp, Redmond, WA;

Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA