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The AN/TMQ-56 METMF(R) NEXGEN is a lightweight, mobile, fully integrated, FORCENet compliant tactical meteorological support system. The METMF(R) NEXGEN enables the Marine Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) analyst to effectively turn relevant METOC data into actionable knowledge which can facilitate timely operational decision-making. Comprised of mostly Non-Developmental Items, the METMF(R) NEXGEN offers the latest technologies in data management to ensure the dynamic flow and comprehensive fusion of mission METOC information. Tailored products and other METOC information and graphics are able to be formatted in geo-referenced overlays for display on the Marine Corps’ Command and Control systems, and are available for data sharing with the joint force to the greatest extent possible.

The METOC analyst needs to sustain environmental Situational Awareness (SA) throughout the battlespace in order to adequately assess environmental impacts to current operations, tactics, and weapon performance. The METMF(R) NEXGEN satisfies this operational need by utilizing local and remote surface observation sensors, meteorological satellite data ingest, an upper-air atmospheric profile system, and a Doppler radar. The upper-air system and Doppler radar are capable of standalone operations to facilitate critical environmental sensing where needed, with or without the entire METMF(R) NEXGEN system. In addition to providing in-situ sensing capabilities, the METMF(R) NEXGEN generates a local 4 kilometer (km) high-resolution meteorological forecast model to cover a re-locatable 500km x 500km x 30km data cube that can be stored, displayed, and manipulated as needed to complete the environmental picture.

In order to satisfy expeditionary maneuver concepts, the METMF(R) NEXGEN is fast to employ and rugged enough to sustain the rigors of a combat environment. The system is principally divided into two operational variants in order to allow Commanders the versatility to package the right mix of capabilities needed and the scalability to respond to the wide range of crises and conflict situations faced by the MAGTF. The METMF(R) NEXGEN (V)1 provisions for all functions of environmental sensing and data ingest, for the efficient collation and integration of collected data, and for user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and software tools necessary for accurate interpretation and value-added production. The system is built into a standard shelter and mounted on a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) with a towable trailer. In this shelter configuration, the METMF(R) NEXGEN (V)1 can easily integrate into the Command Operations Center (COC) and Intelligence Operations Center (IOC). The METMF(R) NEXGEN (V)2 Intelligence Battalion Variant (IBV) provides for limited functions of environmental sensing and data ingest. The METMF(R) NEXGEN (V)2 Intelligence Battalion Variant (IBV) is a modular, man-portable system that provides for limited functions of environmental sensing and data ingest and does not contain the vehicle, the shelter itself, or the trailer.

Operational Impact

The METMF(R) NEXGEN is the only organic Marine Corps METOC system capable of sustained operations with or without network connectivity, providing critical METOC data in direct support of all elements of the Marine Air/Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The METMF(R) NEXGEN delivers relevant, timely METOC sensing, operational products, and mission-oriented impact assessments via the Common Operating Picture/Common Intelligence Picture (COP/CIP) to the MAGTF and the Joint force.    

Program Status

METMF(R) NEXGEN is an ACAT IVT (Inactive) Navy POR with eleven (11) units currently fielded and in sustainment. MS C/FRP Decision 19 Sep 2011, IOC achieved 19 Mar 2014 (12 months late), FOC pending AAO fulfillment of thirteen (13) systems and training, anticipated end of life (EOL) FY21-23. One system was purchased utilizing NGREA funding outside of original AAO. Resource Sponsor is Oceanographer of the Navy (non-BISOG). Current budget structure does not support procurement of the CPD AAO requirement for three (3) additional NEXGEN systems for the Intelligence Battalions. HQMC APX, DIRINT & OPNAV agreed to an interim solution consisting of the six (6) main modularized sub-components of NEXGEN (Intel BN Variant (IBV), METMF(R) NEXGEN (V)2) in lieu of AAO fulfillment. Systems were to be purchased with funding remaining on original prime contract, to date, three (3) of six (6) IBV sub-systems have been purchased and, are to be fielded in FY18. The following three (3) sub-systems remain unfunded – Vaisala TacMet Local Sensor, Vaisala DigiCORA Upper Air System, Global Imaging Mark X Satellite Antenna/Receiver.

Procurement Profile: 

FY18 - QTY 0
FY19 - QTY 0

FY18 - QTY 3
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