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The MCISRE is the mechanism, via personnel, equipment and processes, that merges disparate nodes of the Marine Corps intelligence effort into a cohesive, mutually reinforcing whole. The primary mission of the MCISRE is to support operational decision-making through the integration of data, information, and intelligence. Operational support is enabled by deliberately integrating the intelligence warfighting function into operating concepts, structural decisions and human capital and material investments. This integration enables the intelligence warfighting function to meet stated institutional challenges and the Enterprise to facilitate Battlespace Awareness at every MAGTF echelon. The Enterprise delivers the knowledge and understanding needed to prevent surprise, make better decisions, and optimize MAGTF capabilities across the range of military operations and in all warfighting domains.

What drives the MCISRE is not the crisis of the moment but rather, the incorporation of a “24/7/365” predictive analysis process with the global reach of our operational intelligence formations backed by the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) and its connectivity to the Combat Support Agencies (CSAs) and National Intelligence Community (IC). To ensure its viability, Marine Corps Intelligence will continue to remain vigilant over a complex, technically sophisticated future operating environment and evolve by seizing technological opportunities to increase MCISRE capabilities and capacities. An intelligent workforce, uniformed and civilian, anchors the MCISRE with the skills, professional acumen, and functional expertise that mark them as a world-class contributor to our Corps and IC missions.


The MCISRE supports our intelligence unity of effort across the physical domains of air, land, sea, and space as well as the information environment, including cyberspace. The enterprise approach employed by the MCISRE synchronizes our current intelligence programs, units, and personnel at every echelon across the operating forces and supporting establishment.

This synchronization enables collaboration and sharing of actionable information and federated intelligence production in support of the MAGTF. Moreover, the enterprise approach leverages and shares all ISR functions, sources, and methods across the total force, ensuring operational success. The success the MCISRE has created since Initial Operational Capability in 2010 has shaped and operationalized ISR capabilities across the Marine Corps, providing mission critical intelligence to Warfighters worldwide. The MAGTF Intelligence Centers (MIC), established at each Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), provide ready access to an “always on” intelligence capability. From reach-back support to combat operations, to deployed Marine Corps and Joint forces as well as direct support during humanitarian assistance operations both overseas and at home, the Marine Corps has employed the MCISRE with great success.

Key efforts include the expansion of the Marine Corps Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) capability. PED fuses collection from airborne ISR platforms and national derived data with multisource intelligence and operationalizes intelligence Marines in garrison, outside of the traditional Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) or Special Purpose MAGTF (SPMAGTF) rotations, enable federated intelligence support to both the deployed MAGTF and Joint Warfighters. The PED construct offers a new approach to facilitating decision advantage in the future operating environment allowing for the expansion of the processes, architectures and associated access to joint data to support MAGTF and Joint operations from garrison locations.


Tomorrow’s enterprise must be better than today’s. A continually evolving ISR enterprise executes current missions effectively, while harnessing human capital, innovation, and technology to meet future challenges. Continued development of MCISRE capabilities demands a common and shared approach to inform capability development, acquisitions, plans and policies that support the manning, training, and equipping of the force for the future operating environment.

The MCISRE contributes to joint and combined intelligence effectiveness, as a valued participant in the broader IC through its access to the tactical edge and global crisis response forces. When fully institutionalized, the MCISRE will provide access to resources, expertise, shared knowledge, and useable data across the enterprise and to joint, national, and allied partners. The ability to “sense, make sense, and act” enables a highly trained, networked, and analytically astute intelligence force to enhance decision-making at the point of execution, while meeting intelligence quality and information sharing standards required by DoD and the IC.