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The Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) program is the Marine Corps TS/SCI portion of the Defense Information System Network and provides the support of IT infrastructure across the UNCLASS, SIPR, JWICS, and NSANet domains at the MCISRE Fixed Site in support of Marine Intel Mission. This program also provides all major and subordinate Marine Corps Commands with centralized hardware and software resources for Network Operation, Cyber Defense and Network Security capabilities on JWICS and the National Security Agency Network (NSANet).

Operational Impact

The JWICS Program provides the TS/SCI services, hardware, and software in direct support of Marine Corps SCI intelligence architecture. The program enables Marine Corps intelligence to access National intelligence data, services and assets in support of current and future operations of the Marine Corps Leaders. JWICS serves as the primary conduit for national-to-tactical SCI integration, network operations, specialized capabilities, remote production, exploitation, and dissemination across all intelligence domains. JWICS provides the backbone architecture for expeditionary intelligence systems to support Tactical Edge SCI Intelligence. The JWICS Program also provides MCISRE Fixed Site information technology (IT), network and cybersecurity services across all domains for critical Marine Corps intel mission activities such as: open source intelligence (OSINT), identity intelligence (I2), joint processing exploitation and dissemination (JPED), targeting, imagery and imagery studies, compound maps, urban reference graphics, environmental and geospatial studies, and collection management.

Program Status

Tactical JWICS is currently under development with RDT&E funding and prototype selection is expected by Q4 FY18. A five year implementation plan is planned with current programmed PMC funding aligned with HBSI-PT and SCIK fielding.