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The Marine Corps Intelligence Broadcast Receiver (IBR) is designed to receive the encrypted over-the- air Ultra High Frequency Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) Common Integrated Broadcast (CIB) and IBS-Alternate (IBS-A) Broadcasts that provide tactical commanders with the only direct access to critical, nationally derived, time- sensitive tactical intelligence data via the IBS, to support Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) mission objectives with IBR terminals providing strategic, theater, and tactical sensor-to-shooter connectivity on a near-real time basis down to the Company level.

The IBR Program’s Embedded National Tactical Receiver (ENTR) device is connected to various host systems to provide the capability to simultaneously receive and decrypt the CIB and IBS-A Broadcast. The ENTR supports all operations in peacetime and in war consistent with host system mission profiles. The ENTR simultaneously receives and processes up to four IBS channels. The IBS broadcast provides near-real time critical intelligence data that directly influences the Common Operating Picture, and provides indications and warnings intelligence data. The IBS broadcast delivers both strategic and theater- level intelligence data including Theater Ballistic Missile Early Warning information and tracking, Electronic Intelligence, Measurement and Signature Intelligence, Communications Intelligence externals, Blue Force Tracker data, Infrared Event information, and several other sensor derived data types.

The IBR terminals are integrated into the following host platforms: Intelligence Analysis System, Technical Control and Analysis Center, Marine Air Command and Control System/Communications Data Link System, and Common Aviation Command and Control System. The ENTR can also be utilized with a classified general purpose non- networked controlling computer with the Tactical Receive Segment software installed.

Operational Impact

The ENTR is the only Marine Corps over-the-air source for IBS near real-time national and theater-level intelligence information. The ENTR supports Force-2025 by enabling increased near real-time littoral battlespace awareness during decentralized MAGTF operations at the tactical level. The IBR enhances ability to queue Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sensor operators that support distributed operations down to the company level. The ENTR integrates with existing company-level advanced intelligence analysis equipment capabilities and facilitates, intelligence dissemination, and utilization.

Program Status

The IBR Program has been designated as an Authority to Participate in the U.S. Army ACAT III Joint Tactical Terminal (JTT) Program.

The Marine Corps IBR effort is a subset of the JTT Post Milestone C ACAT III Program. As of 2011, the Marine Corps IBR Program is managed as an Abbreviated Acquisition Program and the Initial Operational Capability is planned for the Second Quarter Fiscal Year (FY) 2020.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018 - QTY 100
FY 2019 - QTY 58


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