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The Intelligence Analysis System Family of Systems (IAS FoS) is the all-source analysis and production capability for the Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise. This acquisition program is the Marine Corps’ primary intelligence analytical toolset at all levels of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). IAS FoS enables global collaboration with Marine and joint analytical systems. It provides Marines the capability to conduct All-Source Fusion, analysis, and production of intelligence by semi-automating multiple intelligence functions and processes. This includes the display of current enemy situation, collection requirements, asset management, message parsing, and database updates. IAS FoS automatically logs intelligence activities into a journal and provides access to intelligence produced by tactical, theater, and national systems and agencies. It facilitates the dissemination and exchange of intelligence and information with other echelons through tactical local area networks and wide area networks from the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) garrison facility down to the infantry company level. IAS FoS consists of intelligence servers and workstations with their associated peripherals and software. The IAS is composed of three tiers:

  • Tier I: The MEF IAS supports the MEF Command Element in garrison and deployed.
  • Tier II: Intelligence Servers are cased into transportable server suites. The Intelligence Server Unix is UNIX-based and supports the Marine Divisions, Marine Aircraft Wings, Marine Logistics Groups, and Intelligence Battalions. The Intelligence Server Windows is Windows-based and supports Marine Expeditionary Units, infantry and artillery regiments, and air groups.
  • Tier III: Intelligence Workstations are man-portable, Windows-based systems that support battalions, squadrons, companies, and select higher echelon headquarters.

All IAS Tiers employ the Global Command and Control System-Integrated Imagery and Intelligence (GCCS-I3) software baseline as part of the core baseline. GCCS-I3 enables the IAS FoS to be interoperable with the Joint Intelligence Community.

An Urgent Universal Needs Statement for Advanced Analytics is currently being met by a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution. The IAS program will identify and integrate the solution for an enduring Advanced Analytics Technical Solution (AATS) capability into its program baseline. An Advanced Analytics capability is necessary to ingest, fuse, correlate, process, and exploit large amounts of data from multiple discreet data sources. The current COTS solution is a bridging solution that has an established United States Marine Corps (MCSC) Intelligence Community (IC) data architecture which assists with the aggregation/integration of over 42 separate IC data sources, allowing USMC IC users to quickly connect with, search and obtain critical information needed to prepare detailed intelligence analysis. Each node collaboratively works together allowing for the sharing of information used in the USMC IC advanced analysis for application in expeditionary missions.

Operational Impact

The IAS FoS provides an All-Source Fusion capability that provides interoperable, scalable, semi-automated capabilities to receive, process, analyze, display and disseminate all-source intelligence, to support timely tactical decision-making across the MAGTF. The IAS FoS supports formulation and/or compilation of the commander’s Priority Intelligence Requirements, Essential Elements of Information, and other Intelligence Requirements; contingency planning; management of MAGTF collection assets; all-source intelligence analysis, briefing support, intelligence product fusion, production, reporting dissemination, and training.

Program Status

The current fielded systems are in sustainment conducting monthly Cyber Security patches, and software application/Operating System updates. The IAS FoS is conducting a technical refresh to replace the legacy systems and will reach Initial Operational Capability in 2020 and Full Operational Capability in 2022.


The Lead Systems Integrator Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center – Atlantic provides software and hardware integration for COTS/Government Off-the- Shelf software/hardware for the IAS FoS.