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MCIA’s Identity Intelligence Analysis Cell (I2AC) is the Marine Corps’ only identity intelligence reach-back support capability. I2AC provides 24/7/365 time-sensitive triaged intelligence support to all biographic, biometric, forensic, and documents and media exploitation collected by the operating forces. I2AC also provides collection guidance, pre-deployment and exercise scenario training, customized watch-list development, watch-list nominations, and intelligence products releasable at the FVEY level. I2AC administers a data transmission portal available on commercial internet and classified domains through which Marines operating worldwide can submit their data for exploitation. MCIA works in lockstep with SPMAGTF and MEU elements to coordinate collection, exploitation, and analysis of identity operations data to inform commanders, the DoD, and the IC regarding persons and networks of interest.

Operational Impact

I2AC provides all biometric, forensic, and documents and media-derived counterintelligence and force protection (CI/FP) vetting for the operating forces, and leverages all DoD and IC holdings to enable ground commanders to make an informed “friend or foe” determination. I2AC provides ongoing support to identify, mitigate, and exploit CI/FP threats present at each conventional USMC component forward-deployed in support of OPN INHERENT RESOLVE and OPN RESOLUTE SUPPORT. I2AC is expanding to begin providing identity intelligence support to all USMC bases and installations worldwide, through partnerships with HQMC Plans, Policy, and Operations, and the FBI to vet naturalized U.S. Citizens employed as contract role-players working with Marines.

Program Status

MCIA I2AC became IOC in March 2014, and is approved as a Program of Record for FY18. I2AC has submitted a POM FY20 initiative to institutionalize identity intelligence support to USMC bases and installations worldwide. MCIA is working to integrate I2AC contractor support under an MCIA-led contract.