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The Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System (G-BOSS) 3.1 is an expeditionary, ground-based, self-contained, multi-spectral, sensor-oriented, persistent surveillance system with the capability to observe, collect, detect, classify, identify, track, record, and report on contacts, objects of interest, and assessed threats twenty-four hours a day utilizing a fused video and sensor data display.

Operational Impact

The system provides persistent (24/7) display and tracking of items of interest through the use of high resolution day and night cameras to precisely locate targets and a radar to identify moving targets and classifying them as personnel, tracked vehicles or wheeled vehicles. These capabilities improve situational awareness by allowing the Commander to monitor activities along roads, borders, rivers, pipelines, choke points and other areas of interest. Capable of tracking objects of interest within the Area of Responsibility, G-BOSS allows the Warfighter to counter insurgent activities with an emphasis on disrupting the Improvised Explosive Device network.

Program Status

The G-BOSS 3.1 Program is currently in the sustainment phase of its life-cycle.

G-BOSS was granted a favorable fielding decision in August 2016. Initial Operational Capability was met in September 2016 after fielding to 2nd Intelligence Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC. In April of 2018, G-BOSS completed fielding to 3rd Intelligence Battalion, Okinawa, Japan. There is no defined Full Operational Capability defined for the G-BOSS Program.

G-BOSS is planning for a Technical Refresh beginning in Fiscal Year 2018 to address rapidly ageing components and identified obsolescence concerns.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018 - QTY 0
FY 2019 - QTY 0

*G-BOSS is not procuring additional systems in FY18/FY19, rather upgrading rapidly aging components and addressing obsolescence concerns.


G-BOSS System Integrator: Naval Surface Warfare

Center Crane, Crane, Indiana