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THSv2 is a man-portable equipment suite which enables the user to perform various targeting functions and then hand targets off to fire support agencies via tactical data system interfaces using current and emerging communications equipment.

Operational Impact

THSv2 enables operators to conduct target acquisition and target hand-off to fire support agencies using existing and planned communications equipment to support maneuver units of the Marine Air Ground Task Force. Operators are able to accurately determine and designate a target’s location and then digitally transmit (hand-off) target data to supporting arms elements. The primary operators are forward air controllers (FAC) and joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) for CAS, forward observers (FO) and joint forward observers for field artillery missions, firepower control teams of the air and naval gunfire liaison companies, Marine Corps Special Operations Command, and the supporting training commands. THSv2 is interoperable with several systems, including AFATDS, Naval Fire Control System, Joint Tactical Common Operational Picture Workstation Gateway, Common Laser Range Finder, and the AN/PRC-117 Tactical Combat Net Radio. Tactical air control parties often employ THSv2 in conjunction with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets.

Program Status

THSv2 is has achieved IOC and is currently being fielded to the MEFs. FOC is scheduled for 1st quarter, 2019

Procurement Profile:

  • FY 2018 / QTY 100
  • FY 2019 / QTY 39


Naval Air Weapons Station
China Lake, California