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The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff selected the Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) as the air war planning tool for Air Tasking Order (ATO)/Airspace Control Order (ACO) interoperability. TBMCS provides the automated tools necessary to generate, disseminate, and execute the ATO/ACO. TBMCS integrates command, control, communications, computer, and intelligence systems, specifically designed to interface with the United States (US) Air Force (USAF), US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps (USMC), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and selected allied/coalition nations providing standardized, secure, and automated decision support. TBMCS provides the core command and control system to the Tactical Air Command Center.

The USMC will sustain the TBMCS software baseline until the identified replacement system, Command and Control Air Operations Suite-Command and Control Information Services (C2AOS-C2IS), completes development, testing, and fielding. Currently TBMCS sunset is planned for FY23. USAF leads the C2AOSC2IS development. The USMC intends to participate in development activities and will ramp up participation as the C2AOS-C2IS product matures.

Operational Impact:

TBMCS provides situational awareness and assessment, airspace de-confliction, execution management, mission planning and re-planning, assault support processing, and close air support to the operational forces.

The TBMCS assist the battle commander in management of tactical air operations, executing area air defense and airspace management in the tactical area of operations, and coordinate operations with components of other military services.

Program Status:

The USMC TBMCS program transitioned to the Operations and Sustainment phase in 2007.


TBMCS, Lockheed Martin,
Colorado Springs, CO

C2AOS-C2IS Lockheed Martin,
Colorado Springs, CO

Morgantown, WV