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The Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal (SMART-T) is an extremely high frequency (EHF) satellite communications terminal compatible and interoperable with Military Strategic, Tactical and Relay (MILSTAR) and Advanced EHF (AEHF) satellites and terminals. The SMART-T provides MAGTF commanders with long-haul connectivity for core command and control links that require protection against jamming and nuclear scintillation, as well as Low-Probability-of-Intercept/ Detection characteristics. The system is integrated and transported on a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) and is operable in both mounted and dismounted configurations. The SMART-T is powered by standard tactical generators and also capable of independent operation using the on-board diesel generator or HMMWV power. The user interfaces of the SMART-T include multiple serial data protocols, conditioned di-phase, and fiber optic connections with maximum throughput of 8 Mbps.

Operational Impact

The SMART-T is assigned to Marine Expeditionary Force Communications Battalion and Marine Division (MARDIV) Communications Company. The Marine Corps nominally deploys SMART-T at the, Air Combat Element, Ground Combat Element, Infantry Regiment, Artillery Regiment, and Marine Expeditionary Brigade/Marine Expeditionary Unit Command Element nodes, but may be deployed to support any unit / task force at the commander’s discretion. The Marine Corps also employs SMART-T to establish protected communications to Department of Defense Teleports/Defense Information Systems Network Gateways and Navy Ships.

Program Status

Post MS C. Current sustainment efforts for the SMART-T are upgrades to the Terminal Operational Unit and AN/PYQ-19 Communications Planning Tool. These sustainment efforts are currently scheduled to occur in Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19). The Initial Operational Capability and Full Operational Capability for the SMART-T AEHF were reached in 2nd Quarter FY15 and 4th Quarter FY16, respectively.


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