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Public Affairs (PA) provides the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) and the broader Marine Corps the capability to research, understand and affect the information environment. PA Marines and Systems enable commanders to engage domestic and foreign publics whose trust, confidence, and understanding are mission critical. The Public Affairs Systems (PAS) Abbreviated Acquisitions Program (AAP) identifies, fields, and sustains materiel solutions required to research and plan communication initiatives, acquire still and video visual information, produce and disseminate communication products, and assess the effects of communication initiatives within the information environment. The program maintains an evolutionary approach to acquisitions and leverages commercial industry-standard, non-developmental items to provide the best value to the Marine Corps, while keeping PA Marines appropriately equipped to understand and affect the information environment.

Public Affairs Systems is a System of Systems (SoS) comprised of the Public Affairs Content Creation System (PACCS), the Public Affairs Laptop (PAL), the Public Affairs Live Media Engagement System (PALMES), and the Public Affairs Media Hub.

Operational Impact

PACCS enables PA Marines to acquire still and video visual information and to create communication products. Public Affairs Officers and Chiefs employ the PAL to research the information environment, review communication products, and conduct media and social media engagements. PALMES provides the capability to conduct live-media engagements, video interviews, and provides public Internet connection to PA teams independent of tactical networks. The Marines media PA Media Hub website serves as a public repository of released communication products and enables live media engagements, dissemination of products, and analysis of effects.

Program Status



  • MS C / FRP 15 March 2013
  • AAP Designation 3 Jan 2013

PALMES Procurement Profile:

  • FY 2018  - QTY 4
  • FY 2019 - QTY TBD