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Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services(MCEITS) is a core enabler of computing and communications capabilities, enabling access to enterprise services and providing a collaborative sharing environment for applications and users across warfighter and business domains. MCEITS is an integration of Commercial of the Shelf(COTS) information technology(IT) components creating an infrastructure for applications, along with service and data environments that will reside in two Enterprise Information Technology Centers(EITCs). MCEITS offers Platform and Infrastructure as a Service (Paas/ IaaS). MCEITS is the USMC’s future consolidated Application Development Environment and will be the USMC’s private cloud service provider.

Operational Impact

Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services(MCEITS) is a core capability within the Marine Air-Ground Task Force Command and Control (MAGTF C2) Framework and System of Systems(SoS). MCEITS was born primarily as a hosting facility for USMC systems and applications. Over time MCEITS has become an integral part of other Marine Corps initiatives. MCEITS is a key component in the DoD Data Center Optimization Initiative(DCOI), and Release 2.0 will have the capacity and support structure to facilitate relocation of applications to allow for the decommissioning of disparate data centers. MCEITS is currently architected to provide High Availability(HA), Continuity(C) and Disaster Recovery(DR) (HA/C/ DR) operations to ensure the survivability of Marine Corps’ mission critical data and IT infrastructure. In the near future, MCEITS will also provide on premise Cloud services and be a component of any USMC hybrid cloud service offerings.

Program Status

Using an incremental acquisition strategy, MCEITS Release 1, initiated at MS B, built the foundation for the MCEITS infrastructure and services, and included project management services, logistical services, IT hardware for the MCEITS unclassified Systems Integration Environment (SIE) in Kansas City, Missouri, MCEITS security service (Identity and Access Management (IdAM)), Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tools, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tools, basic data storage services, interoperability with Defense Information Security Agency (DISA) collaboration service, portal framework, chat services, single sign on capability, and discovery service.

The Milestone Decision Authority(MDA) approved MCEITS Acquisition Program Baseline Agreement(APBA) Release 2 in support of Milestone C (MS C) and Initial Operational Capability(IOC) decisions received on 5 July 2011 and 6 July 2011, respectively. Release 2 consists of the build out of a second EITC site to deliver the High Availability(HA), Disaster Recovery(DR) and Continuity of Operations(COOP) capabilities. It includes the implementation of additional core enterprise services: workflow, mediation, orchestration and enhanced data services. Additionally, Release 2 includes scaling and pre-planned product improvements(P3Is) to insert emerging technologies to improve existing capabilities and enhance MCEITS services. Release 2 implementation is the completion of MCEITS capabilities to meet Full Operational Capability(FOC).

MCEITS is scheduled to achieve Full Deployment/ Full Operational Capability(FOC) decisions by end of fourth quarter FY18 (objective), second quarter FY19 (threshold). Key Performance Parameters(KPPs) remain unchanged.