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The Family of Target Acquisition Systems (FTAS) is the Ground Combat Element’s indirect-fire acquisition capability. The FTAS comprises the AN/TPQ-46 Fire-Finder Ground Weapons Locating Radar, the AN/TPQ-54 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar, Mobile (LCMR-M), and the AN/TSQ-267 Target Processing Set (TPS).

Operational Impact

The AN/TPQ-46 Fire-Finder provides the ability to locate indirect fire (IDF) weapons – which include mortars, artillery, and rockets – within a 1600 mil search sector from ranges of .75 to 24 kilometers. It is the primary IDF detection system in the Marine Corps.

The AN/TPQ-54 LCMR-M provides a 6400 mil mortar-detection capability at ranges of 1 to 5 kilometers, short-range detection coverage, and slewing/cueing intelligence to the AN/TPQ-46 via the AN/TSQ-267.

The AN/TSQ-267 TPS is the command and control (C2) node of the FTAS capability providing radar deployment orders, support functions and target data to the counter-fire/countermeasure-servicing agent. The TPS uses the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems as its primary communication, and C2 tool. 

Program Status

The AN/TPQ-46 Fire-Finder Radar is in the Operations and Support Phase of the acquisition life cycle and is scheduled to be replaced by the Ground/Air Task-Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) block II beginning in FY18. Sustainment efforts are addressing diminishing manufacturing sources and materiel shortages (DMSMS) and obsolescence to maintain the radar system until replaced by G/ATOR. The AN/TPQ-54 LCMR-M is in the Operations and Support Phase of the acquisition life cycle and the scheduled end of service life is 2027. The LCMR is currently used by the United Sates Marine Corps, Special Operations Command, Department of State, and three coalition forces; United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The AN/TSQ-267 TPS is in the Operations and Support Phase and the scheduled end of service life is 2027. Sustainment efforts are addressing DMSMS and obsolescence to maintain the system.

Procurement Profile / Quantity

  • AN/TPQ-46B: 29
  • AN/TPQ-54: 35
  • AN/TSQ-267: 7


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