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DRRS-MC is the Marine Corps’ next-generation information technology system that supports operating force readiness reporting. DRRS-MC functions as part of the DRRS Enterprise (DRRS-E), a collection of approved hardware and software components culminating in a DoD wide web-based user interface. DRRS-MC merges resource-based (personnel, equipment supply, equipment condition, and training) and Mission Essential Task (MET) based reporting to simplify the readiness reporting process. DRRS-MC is the Service’s only mission assurance category one (MAC1), national security system. This designation requires enhanced security protocols, failover capabilities, and strict reliability standards.

Operational Impact

DRRS-MC allows Marine commanders to submit complete, accurate, and timely readiness reports from their organizations to HQMC. Readiness reporting supports crisis action planning, deliberate planning, and service resource decisions. The goal of the system is to simplify and expedite the reporting process while maintaining information integrity by using a streamlined information flow, which begins and ends with an intuitive web-based interface. DRRS-MC allows commanders to report unit readiness in terms of resources, the ability to conduct Mission Essential Tasks, and a unit’s overall readiness to execute a core mission and assigned mission(s). DRRS-MC also allows users to view current and historical readiness information using graphical user interface screens. DRRS-MC is an executive information system that begins at a summary level and allows a “drilldown” view capability to access detailed readiness information.

Program Status

DRRS-MC was fielded on 30 April 2010. DRRS-MC will incorporate into the Global Force Management- Data Initiative (GFM-DI), a JS and OSD led initiative to document DoD authorized force structure. DRRSMC reached FOC status in October of 2016.


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