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The Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) provides a complete and coordinated modernization of Marine Air Command and Control System (MACCS) equipment. CAC2S eliminates current dissimilar systems and provides the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Aviation Combat Element (ACE) with the hardware, software, and facilities necessary to effectively provide command, control, and coordinate air operations integrated with naval, joint, and/ or combined command and control (C2) units. CAC2S, comprised of standardized modular and scalable tactical facilities, hardware, and software, significantly increase battlefield mobility and reduces the physical size and logistical footprint of the MACCS.

Achieving full CAC2S Increment 1 capabilities includes two phases.

Phase 1 provided rapid fielding of operationally relevant capabilities, to include mobility, situational awareness, tactical communications, information dissemination, and operational flexibility and established the CAC2S baseline capabilities.

Phase 1 upgraded fielded MACCS equipment with mature, ready technologies and established an initial product baseline Processing and Display System (PDS) and Communications System (CS).

Phase 2 provides the integration of technologies necessary for CAC2S to meet remaining ACE battle management, data fusion, and C2 requirements. Phase 2 built upon the capabilities of the Phase 1 product baseline by integrating these capabilities into CAC2S. Phase 2, now in the Production and Deployment life cycle phase, integrates a sensor data fusion capability into CAC2S by replacing the PDS to meet the remaining Increment I requirements. The Air Command and Control System, including a new operations facility, replaces the Phase 1 PDS and most of the remaining MACCS equipment in the Tactical Air Command Center, Tactical Air Operations Center, and Direct Air Support Center.


CAC2S provides the capability to allow operators to integrate Marine aviation into joint, coalition, and MAGTF operations. The CAC2S enables a multifunctional C2 node concept, allowing one agency to perform air command, support, and defense missions. CAC2S standards-base, modern software, common hardware for all operational nodes enables information exchange to support the full range of MACCS functionality within MAGTF, joint and coalition operations.


Phase 1 completed full fielding in 4QFY13, and entered the Operations and Support phase of its life cycle. All Phase 1 systems are projected to be replaced by Phase 2 assets by 3QFY21. CAC2S Phase 2, now in the Production and Deployment Phase, began fielding during 2QFY17 and plans fielding completion during FY2022. The Approved acquisition objective totals 50 units.          

Lance Cpl. Ethan Weaver an air control electronics operator with Marine Corps Air Control Squadron 24, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, checks his display for the voice network portion of the newly fielded Common Aviation Command Control System, Sept. 12. The MACS-24 fielding marked the final fielding in Phase I of the CAC2S program.