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Four LOEs, which DC I will pursue simultaneously, are associated with IE Ops. The LOEs directly support the five critical tasks introduced in the Marine Operating Concept, dated 2016. The LOEs listed below are executed through the seven functions of IE Ops introduced in the previous section.

LOE 1: Improve MAGTF Lethality, Survivability, and Influence This is the decisive LOE and main effort for MCIEE activities.

LOE 1 provides for an information-enabled fifth generation MAGTF capable of defeating a peer threat in accordance with the Marine Corps concepts for littoral operations in a contested environment and expeditionary advanced base operations. In addition, increasing the MAGTF’s speed, resilience, agility, and adaptability across all domains will ensure the MAGTF is capable of winning and surviving in and through any information-contested environment.

LOE 2: Increase Marine Corps Competitiveness in the IE

LOE 2 provides the Marine Corps with the structure, systems, doctrine, policies, authorities, and budgetary processes necessary to support IE Ops requirements for deployed and garrison forces. In addition, the development of a resilient information technology ecosystem to support IE Ops across the conflict continuum will ensure the MAGTF understands, plans, and conducts IE Ops.

LOE 3: Develop and Institutionalize the MCIEE

LOE 3 creates a streamlined, cross-functional organization capable of supporting MAGTF and service-level requirements for deployed and garrison forces. In addition, it will create a MCIEE capable of eliminating stovepipes, increasing adaptability and responsiveness, and providing reach back and surge support for deployed forces.

LOE 4: Develop and Professionalize the MCIEE Workforce

LOE 4 creates a community of highly-trained and experienced enlisted, officer, and civilian personnel capable of leading future IE Ops requirements. The Marine Corps will execute activities associated with career development, talent management, and mentorship of IE Ops for Marines and civilians.