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The Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad Team is a research and development program responsible for the Squad as a System and modernizing the capabilities of the squad to fulfill the Marine Operating Concept 2025 vision. The focus is on the integration of everything worn, carried and consumed by the Marines in the squad and their ability to operate effectively from the various mobility platforms that support the infantry. Operational human performance and the squad’s dismounted mobility are critical attributes to balance with new technologies and capability additions. MERS works across all the program offices within Marine Corps Systems Command to optimize the new equipment solutions each program provides to the collective capabilities of the squad. The Gruntworks Squad Integration Facility located at The Basic School aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico is the resource to facilitate innovation, prototyping, and usability assessments. The Gruntworks Squad Integration Facility is a collaborative capability that provides the tools, resources and knowledge to effectively conduct integration, human factors, and system level product evaluations. The Marine Corps Load Effects Assessment Program (MC-LEAP) is used to assess the mobility of Marines in different equipment load configurations in order to quantify mobility versus added capability. Specialized instrumentation provides quantitative data of Marines performance in order to support engineering enhancements for equipment and informed decision making for procurements.

Operational Impact
The combination of developing capabilities with the infantry advocate, requirements officers, and program offices in order to achieve enhanced capabilities while minimizing the burden on Marines is the objective of the program. The endstate is a lethal and mobile squad capable of defeating the emerging threats of the future.

Program Status

• Conducting mobility assessments utilizing the Marine Corps Load Effects Assessment Program and identifying components of the burden

• Optimization of the squad configuration for different expeditionary environments

• Enhanced situational awareness and decisionmaking capability

• Rapid innovation and technology insertions for infantry enhancements • Developing and prototyping a fifth generation rifle squad

• Integrating the squad into new mobility platforms such as ACV 1.1 and JLTV

• Refining the anthropometry database of the Marine Corps in order to design for the human

• Interoperability of the squad with joint and coalition forces

• Survey the infantry battalions for integration and performance issues

Modernization and Technology