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The Load Bearing and Pack Systems (LBPS) portfolio provides Marines with load carrying systems and components designed to hold equipment and supplies needed across the range of military operations. Funding supports the development, procurement, and initial sustainment of individual load bearing equipment that can be easily configured to maximize Marine mobility, survivability, and lethality.

Operational Impact
LBPS provides Marines improved scalability, modularity, and integration with fielded body armor and individual equipment. It allows Marines to efficiently carry mission loads across the fullspectrum of combat and non-combat operations. The Adjustable Pack Frame is being developed to provide a better fit for small and large stature Marines and to comply with the latest Fit Attribute Policy to fit the 2d percentile female to the 98th percentile male Marine.

Program Status
All established programs within the LBPS portfolio have reached FOC and are currently in sustainment. The Adjustable Pack Frame it a developmental effort.

Procurement Profile: N/A Developer/Manufacturer: Ordered through Defense Logistics Agency; Multiple Vendors in Numerous States

Modernization and Technology