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The Cold Weather and Mountaineering portfolio equips Marines with specialized clothing and equipment for operations in mountainous regions and cold weather environments and enables the USMC to develop, procure, and initially sustain improved cold weather and mountaineering equipment that lighten the Marine’s load and increase performance and mobility. The purpose of the Family of Mountain Cold Weather Clothing and Equipment Program (FMCWCEP) is to increase the survivability, mobility, and lethality of Marines in mountainous and cold-weather environments, at altitudes in excess of 15,000 feet, and at temperatures that fall as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Operational Impact
The FMCWCEP allows Marines to operate at extreme altitudes and temperatures by providing advanced clothing and equipment required to survive in harsh mountain cold weather environments. The program drives innovation and improvement in the commercial market, which leads to lighter weight and higher performing clothing and equipment for the warfighter.

Program Status
Clothing and equipment addressed by the FMCWCEP is currently focused on the Military Ski System (MSS) and an extreme cold weather boot. Boot development is slated to begin in FY18, with potential procurement in FY20. The MSS provides over-the-snow mobility for individual Marines in cold weather / mountain missions. The MSS will be held in the Specialized Training Allowance Pool for use by Scout Snipers, Reconnaissance Marines, and one rifle company per battalion. Ski system procurements of the NATO system will occur in FY18 and FY19.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018 QTY 1,500
FY 2019  QTY1,100

Developer/Manufacturer: Ordered through Defense Logistics Agency; Multiple Vendors in Numerous States

Modernization and Technology