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The BPS portfolio equips Marines with ballistic protection to be effective and capable across the full range of military operations and enables the USMC to invest with Service partners and industry in upgrades and enhancements necessary to lighten the Marines’ fighting load, increase mobility, and remain current with the industrial base and in defeating ever-changing threat capabilities. BPS provides technologically advanced ballistic protection with the greatest possible mobility and an emphasis on optimizing human systems integration and provides critical ballistic protective systems to save lives, reduce the severity of combat injuries, and increase combat effectiveness by keeping Marines in the fight. The current focus within BPS is the Plate Carrier Generation III (PC Gen III). The PC Gen III is an updated version of the current Plate Carrier which was fielded in 2011. PC Gen III incorporates improvements to include reduced system weight and bulk, removable soft armor vest, integrated load bearing panel, and a removable yoke and collar. The PC Gen III improves mobility and has the same form/function as the legacy PC to include the same soft armor coverage.

Operational Impact
The PC Gen III will be approximately 25% lighter and 1.5 inches shorter without compromising ballistic coverage or protection. It also includes three new carrier sizes and a new size for a smaller side plate which greatly improve the fit and comfort for small stature Marines. The PC Gen III design also incorporates a low profile vest primarily for Reconnaissance Marines, vehicle crewman, and military police. The increased mobility provided by the PC Gen III will increase the lethality of every Marine.

Program Status
PC Gen III is expected to be initiated as an Abbreviated Acquisition Program (AAP) in January 2018. A Request for Proposals (RFP) will be released in February 2018 leading to contract awards in August 2018. An inventory objective of 65,469 systems has been established. IOC is planned for Q3FY19 and FOC is planned for Q3FY21.

Procurement Profile:

FY 2018: QTY 8,755

FY 2019 QTY 33,080

Developer/Manufacturer: TBD

Modernization and Technology