Marine Corps Training Information Management

The MCTIMS is the enterprise-wide training information management system for standards-based training development and management. MCTIMS is a government-owned software application that is available to the Total Force. The system standardizes the Marine Corps’ training development and management by aligning all modules and functional enhancements to the Systems Approach to Training and Education process. The system’s web-enabled applications, working in concert with Oracle databases, provide integrated applications that serve all of the service’s training development and management needs.

MCTIMS is the authoritative data source for all training data. The system enables units to maintain data and generate and share reports, as required, with service-level readiness and manpower systems; other services’ training management systems; and other Department of Defense information technology systems.

The backbone of MCTIMS is the Training and Readiness (T&R) Manual Module. T&R manuals provide commanders across the Marine Corps with a tool for planning and implementing progressive training. The T&R Manual Module is used to develop and maintain individual and collective training and readiness event data. Individual and collective training and readiness events define all formal schools’ training requirements and also define unit training plans for units preparing for deployment.

Other major applications include the Taskmaster Module, the Unit Training Management Module, the Pre-deployment Training Module, the MOS Manual Module, the Training Resource Module, the Individual Marine Management application and several other modules that support entry level training.




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