Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program (MCPFP)

Established in March 2017, TECOM’s Force Fitness Division (FFD) is responsible for developing the MCPFP, which establishes service-level policy, standards, guidance and reporting on all matters related to general physical fitness, occupational fitness, performance nutrition, body composition, martial arts, water survival and sports medicine/injury prevention. The FFD exercises its responsibilities by coordinating and collaborating with other fitness oriented organizations both internal and external to the Marine Corps. These include the Marine Corps’ Semper Fit, health services, the Joint Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the other services.

The FFD provides the Marine Corps with a focal point for all things physical fitness. The FFD develops and manages policy for the Force Fitness Instructor Program, the Martial Arts Instructor Program and the Marine Corps Water Survival Training Program. The FFD also oversees the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ initiative to link promotions to the Physical Fitness Test; the Combat Fitness Test; and military appearance and body composition program standards.

In under a year, the FFD has had a substantial operational impact on Marine Corps physical fitness training. Among the division’s major accomplishments include: training and certifying more than 300 force fitness instructors; developing of a menu for single gender recruit training; research and modifying the Marine Corps’ Physical Fitness Test and Combat Fitness Test; revising caloric requirements for recruit training; and revising the Marine Corps Body Composition Program. Additionally, the FFD has made significant progress in integrating certified athletic trainers into the operating forces as part of the Sports Medicine Injury Prevention Program. This effort is having a tangible impact on the service’s goal of reducing preventable injuries and increasing combat effectiveness.



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